Python Core Mentorship, up and running.

by jesse in ,

So, after my initial proposal to Python-Dev about the core mentorship program I received a pretty impressive outpouring of support and inquiries from people - both mentors and "students" looking to join into the program. Frankly, I'm floored at how positive the response has been.

I got the mailing list up in short order (go here), and anyone who expressed interest to me, or on the python-dev list was directed to it - we have a total of 57 members right now, and many of the mentors have sent introductions to the list. We've also to hashed out the initial code of conduct, as well as productively answered questions.

Things seem on track - modulo my inability to carve off time to deploy the small static about site to - on my task list for today. Just to share for your own edification, below is our python-inspired (meaning: simple, succinct) code of conduct for the mailing list:

The following code of conduct is not meant as a means for punishment, action or censorship for the mailing list or project. Instead, it is meant to set the tone and expectations and comfort level for mentors and those wishing to be mentored on the list.

  • We ask everyone to be welcoming, friendly, and patient.
  • Flame wars and insults are unacceptable in any fashion, by any party.
  • Anything can be asked, and "RTFM" is not an acceptable answer.
  • Neither is "it's in the archives, go read them".
  • List archives are available only to subscribers, but subscription is open to everyone.
  • Since the archives are "closed" - cross posting to public mailing lists is discouraged.
  • Statements made by core developers can be quoted outside of the list.
  • Statements made by others can not be quoted outside the list without explicit permission. [1]
  • We endorse the PSF's Diversity statement.
  • The list administrators reserve the right to revoke the subscription of members (including mentors) that persistently fail to abide by this Code of Conduct. [2]

[1] Anonymised paraphrased statements "someone asked about..." are ok - direct quotes with or without names are not appropriate.
[2] All mentors are signed up as administrators.


The next steps are to get the basic site up (nothing fancy) and to get a blog post up on the newly minted python insider blog. Otherwise: I encourage those looking to learn and contribute to join in, the water is fine.