I am a Python Programmer, father of two beautiful daughters, and am involved heavily in the Python community. I have served as chair for PyCon US 2012 & 2013 - the largest Python developer conference in the world. Additionally, I serve on the Python Software Foundation board of directors as well as several committees geared towards community education and outreach.

I work with community members and sponsors as much as possible to get them involved more in the community aspects of Python - either helping them draft grant requests for the PSF or coaching them on where they can further help or contribute. I work with potential sponsors to help guide them where their contributions can do the most help for the PSF, community, PyCon, outreach groups such as PyLadies, etc.

Additionally I am a Python core contributor (ostensibly for the multiprocessing module).

I currently work for Rackspace as a Principal Engineer & Senior Manager, Developer Experience, my focus being on open source, community & advocacy and developer strategy. I previously worked at Nasuni Corporation. Nothing I say on this site or blog is officially or unofficially endorsed by any past or present employer.

I've been lucky to write the forewards to two books - "Dive into Python 3", by Mark Pilgrim and "The Python Standard Library by Example" by Doug Hellmann. I also got to write a fair amount for the now defunct Python Magazine.

You can find me around the web at:

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