Who am I, and what am I doing in this hand basket

by jesse in

So, time to start something I've been meaning to do on an actual blog for months - start covering who I am. I'm hoping to cover all the "important bases" (as if telling the internet about myself is "important" - I don't think the internet cares, really), but I'll chunk it up into semi-palatable pieces if needed.

I'm a 25 year old Geek. There - I've said it. I work for a tech startup in Waltham, MA as a SQA (Senior QA Engineer), working with Python, Linux, and other interesting things, some of which it's not very appropriate to chat about. I play video games (right now - World of Warcraft) and I enjoy reading about tech issues around storage systems, distributed system, Linux, Python, and Mac.

I live with my fiance Dusty, out in central MA with three cats. We plan on doing the marrying thing next year - all sorts of good stuff in that area. Our landlord is the best landlord in existence, and the neighborhood is wonderful. A++ would rent again. Our cats are attention whores I sometimes think are trying to make a business by covering all of my clothing, computers and cigars with cat hair.

I'm also a bit of a Mac Zealot - (Ok, more than a bit) I converted to the Mac platform last November/December as part of a general disgust of Linux on the desktop, and Windows. I've never liked Windows, except to play games, and I've been using Linux for years, but I got addicted to OS/X late last year, sold off all my Win/Lin boxes and converted, never looking back. The reason I say zealot, is that frequently - converts make the best zealots, and I am a true convert.

My "favorite" programming language is Python. It's the one I'm best in (I'm trying to learn Java) and the one I use the most. I spend most of my work day hacking on Python code for various projects, and one day I hope to push out a few open-source applications in Python.

Python Python Python. Whereas I might be a Mac Zealot, I am also a Python zealot. Not in the "you must use Python for everything" (I strongly believe in using the right tool for the right job) sense, but more in the "Python just Works" sense. So far, I've made a few converts to my addiction, by showing them the ease of use, simplicitly and strengths of Python.

I don't want to give a reader a mistaken idea that I am off the deep end obsessed - I'm not. Again, I've a very large proponent of using the right tool for the right job, and staying practical.

The latter statement is a personality flaw of sorts. If I don't see the practicality of a solution addressing a real problem, I immediately begin to dismantle the solution in the most critical way possible. I've toned it down in recent years, but it always causes problems when and if I don't see the entire picture, and begin to argue and dismantle things in a given situation.

Practicality. Does the tool does something needed? Does the test actually test something useful? Does the product work in a functional, practical way without requiring the user to jump through hoops? Is it easy to use, to setup? I guess those questions are what make me a passable QA Engineer.

In any case - before I go off the deep end anymore, other than computers, I have a few things that keep me occupied. I enjoy cigar smoking (real cigars, not cheap ones) - wines, video games. The usual for a 25 year old in this day and age I guess. As of late, my other girlfriend has been World of Warcraft.

So between Python hacking and Work - which takes up some 12-13 hours a day for me, I split my time up with my Fiance, and piddling around on World of Warcraft. I keep meaning to cut back on the latter - it's been some time since I've given myself enough time to sit down and soak up a good book - but video games provide a nice numb experience that help decompress after staring at code and stack traces all day.

What am I going to use this blog for? I don't know - probably to talk about Python and Macs, to be honest. That's what I intended it to be. We'll see how all that goes, now won't we?