A note on "what python is used for" - and a Storage note.

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First, I saw this:Question: "What exactly is python used for... The question itself is inane - but the answer is what caught my eyes.

To Quote: Too busy to answer properly, but I'll just mention that Fermilab uses a home-grown python package called Enstore to manage their data store of 3 Petabytes of physics data, growing at 1PB/year. The transfers of ~25TB/day to and from that system is what keeps me busy.

And then he provides this link: Presentation about the Enstore System

The answer was from a Mailing List.

The full response is at that link Googling Enstore up yields a few links:

Access to Mass Storage at FNAL

And: Dcache.Org

This is some code I have Got to see.

And to add: Information on the Enstore Project