NewsGator - NewsGator Buys NetNewsWire

by jesse in ,

WTF: NewsGator Technologies Acquires NetNewsWire I love NNW - it's what I use to scan RSS feeds like a crack whore. I have to read up on this.

Edit to Add: Another link Oreilly Article

Another Edit: DrunkenBlog has a good write up that sets some of my fears at ease.

Ultimately, I simple hope NNW stays as light as it is, and I'm not forced in any way to adopt the NewGator centralization for the cross platform/web/iPhone/Toaster synchronization features - I only have 1 machine, and I only care about 1 machine. It's my Mac. I use NNW because it's light, organized and simple.

Now, MarsEdit is going to be interesting. I'd be using that to post more often, except that it doesn't support some of the advanced blogger features (i.e: Simple picture addition, Titles, etc) but them's the breaks. I hope somehow it doesn't become abandonware.

Otherwise - I'll just have to write something myself. ;)