Good Ideas, Done dirt Cheap

by jesse in ,

I love having brainstorms. But at the same time - I hate having them. Given I spend most of my waking hours working, or thinking about work - most of my ideas are work related, and not very shareable.

But I'm having one of those brainstorms where it feels like my brain is trying to pass a truck. I've been hacking on some simple code the last few days trying to push out a few tests, when all of a sudden, I'm sitting there cleaning the litter box at home of all things, when another piece of the chain hits me.

Nothing to terribly groundbreaking - I'm sure a more experienced programmer would not have only dropped a few hundred lines of notes into his text editor. He would have also had a working prototype - something I could do given a few days, but all I really get is an hour or so here and there.

I'll get to hack on it soon enough. Until then, I'll be scraping the cat box even more.