Hot OS/X Software

by jesse in ,

Taking an OS/X Moment here to share some cool apps I've found recently: Check Off: A handy little to-do list app. Small, lightweight and simple. Now, if only I could maintain an actual todo list for longer than the time it takes me to think of (or be assigned) a new task. (Free)

Barquee: This is another small app - sits in your bar, and allows you to control iTunes from there. Nice for when I'm not using my iPod, and have another trillion apps running. (10$)

Terminalicious: A nice little app that allows you to launch commands in Terminal - and it keeps a history of the command you've ran. (Free)

TextMate: Ok, so I pimped what I think is the best editor for OS/X again. Sue me.

SQLGrinder: A damned nice SQL client - supports a wide range of functionality, including schema browsing/exporting/etc. Also supports a wide range of databases. A dang fine application.