Simple Python GUI Walkthrough

by jesse in , ,

So, one of the things I am beginning to test the waters on is writing actual GUI applications in Python - designing a GUI is not something I have ever done, nor have I ever had the need. However, as I develop more tools - distributed ones at that, I find that putting a decent UI around them would be handy for other users. Let's throw in the fact I am also a Mac User. So in reality, I know I want to start with something like wxPython or PyGTK - I know that much at least.

But sitting in my bookmark list is an article (from Apple's site) on using Python to develop Mac application using PyObj - something that's been eating at the back of my head for a few months.

In any case, starting with PyObjC is a little beyond my GUI capabilities at the moment. So, instead I found PythonCard - a GUI construction kit for Py apps using wxPython.

The Python card site has an excellent starter walkthrough here which i figure I'll start chewing on.

I don't know when I'll be able to ramp up on this - right now I'm tapped out with everything else under the sun - but more information is good information.