Random Week Roundup (QA, Python)

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Man. Have you ever had one of those weeks that makes you feel like your brain just got backed over by a semi-truck? That's what this week was for me. Between seeming juggling angry bears, everyone around me seems to have come down with the creeping crud. Of some interest, I've discovered a series of QA-Related blogs (the resulting reading of these makes me question my own methodologies) - including a QA Podcast (in one episode they cover Selenium). Here's that roundup:

Collaborative Software Testing James Bach's Blog Agile Testing Blog QA PodCast

Most of these concentrate on the concept of Agile Testing, and basic to advanced methodology. I know they made me think about various approaches. Overall, I think a lot of what's said inside the community is applicable to most software development/QA groups - but I strongly disagree with some of the assumptions (but I'll cover some of that in later posts).

Good Info!

I'm hoping to be able to cycle back into PyHack mode next week - I haven't been able to make progress on any of my python projects (both internal and external), so my ability to talk about anything new or interesting is greatly diminished.

One general thing I have been Navel-Gazing about is this:

My company (and a few others I know about) have been looking for solid Python people - QA people who can program in python (for tools development, test automation) and in general competent "Python Hackers". After scouring the internet, and posting everywhere we can think of, it looks like a employee-market. The number of skilled Python people is either incredibly low, or those who are skilled, are not looking (or not looking for something outside of core development).

Overall, it's sort of depressing (especially as I need the help!) but then again - I realize the traditional stigma of the QA role (and how do scream "it's not like that here" loud enough) and I also realize that QA is considered a stepping stone position for many on the path to development.

Like I said - Navel Gazing. I just want to find good QA Engineers who can also write code. I know they exist, dangit.