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Another crazy week. I've actually been fairly Python-Active, but instead of (again) working on those things I can make public-domain, I've concentrated on certain internal project. Hopefully, in the upcoming months, I can get a release to let me talk about some of the ideas and concepts I'm hacking on and I can them really start talking about them.

In any case - Based off this entry: Agile Testing: Drucker on agility and testing

I picked up a couple of Peter Drucker books from Amazon and I've started reading them. I previously had no knowledge of this man, but in starting to read this stuff, I see why people like him (and his thoughts) so much. A lot of it is amazingly applicable to the space I am in at the moment.

Also - you should check out the Python411 Webcast - I've started listening to the series on my drive, and it has a lot of good information. Between this and the QA Labs podcast, I'm getting a lot of "Good Ideas" about Python/QA projects and improvements.

I managed to sit down and watch the vid cast for the Turbogears 20 Minute Wiki - and where I was simply confused before (I'm not a web-programmer by any means) now I am completely daunted. Turbogears looks damned nice - I just don't know how easy it is going to be for a non-web programmer to really get "into" it.