There's so much more than Rails

by jesse in

An Excellent Rails/Python/etc post by Ian Bicking: There's so much more than Rails I think part of the RoR/Python/TurboGears/etc debate is commented on in one of the comments - Py* people see brainshare heading towards RoR - touted as the "one true toolchest" for new-fangled web development, and part of them fear the brain-drain.

I think another part is an "all or nothing" approach to things a lot of people in programming tend to take. Having spent a good deal of time around Java Zealots for the last 5 years, I know the pitfalls in that way of thought.

People, get with the program - for every job, there is a tool. Some tools are better suited for the Job at hand. It is better to know as many tools as you can instead of specializing in a single one, or using the wrong tool for the job.

You would not use a hammer to cut glass, and you would not hire a "hammer specialist" to perform wart removal.