Apple Inside, best switch Video - Ever.

by jesse in

I won't go into all of apple's new offerings that came out yesterday - if you missed them, then you have to have been in solitary confinement. I am really excited about the intel laptop (macbook pro) - I'm underwhelmed by the name, but I am excited about the specs, and most of all, that if I can get my paws on one of them, I'll be able to probably compile a lot more Unix/BSD/Linux applications, and I think that long term, we'll see a rise in virtual machine support (and Wine support) for the platform.

As a Developer/QA person, I'm really quite happy with the transition. This might make getting more OS/X Python bindings and libraries into the core Python dist easier, and actually open quite a few doors.

Well, that and it has awesome specs, and will play World of Warcraft 100x better than my current box.

Meanwhile, I saw this switch video on gizmodo. I spit coffee.

Lord Jobs... RISE!