Liveblogging Pycon (Day 2)

by jesse in ,

Ahh, the second day. The more "official" start of Pycon. The day is going to be broken into a long series of small talks, starting with a keynote. Keynote notes:

AMK had some thank you notes and other things - big shout outs to him for organizing things. Then, the Plone guys started their keynote. Plone is a CMS system - with a lot of high rolling customers. The keynote itself is not technical (at all). Mainly just a "hey these are our customer guys".

I skipped out on the rest of the Plone keynote - it's just not my space. Now for the smaller, more intense meetings, yay!

My plan is to hit:

  • Python can survive in the enterprise
    • Done by AGI (American Greetings interactive)
    • A nice talk overall, a lot of case study information about the scalability of python in their implementations
  • The State of Dabo
    • UI stuff, again! Looks good for SAP/Enterprise reporting stuff. Maybe fast desktop applications connecting to a DB
  • Guido on the origins of Python (lunch time talk)
    • This talk was actually very interesting. A lot of stuff was covered by Guido about where Python came from, which was excellent.
  • PyParsing - recursive descent parser
    • I never quite understood the entire grammar/parsing concept until now. I just added yet another to/do/learn task to my list. If a test case is a seris of atomic actions, why not build up the actions and allow qa people to describe test instead of writing the test if you have the libraries? Etc. Nice talk
  • turbogears howto
  • OSH discussion (held by a coworker)
    • Since I already knew the material, no surprises, but I think jack made some converts.

All together, Friday was useful, but not overly so. I just have a problem with the fact that unless you're a GUI or WebApp developer, for the most part, you're out of luck. The Twisted tutorial is probably the most useful thing I've seen so far.

We'll see how day 3 works out.