PyCon: My Critique

by jesse in ,

Edit to Add: This was a stream of consciousness for me, and I will be using the proper channels to provide feedback to the organizers. I am in no way disparaging the work that they performed. Not in the slightest. I briefly spoke to AMK about my thoughts, and as noted, I will be providing feedback via the proper channels. I would like to add I will also not be passive about this, I will attempt to be an active participant in the planning of the 2007 pycon. Ok, so in another post I mentioned that I had some issues with PyCon this year. Now, let's put this into context:

  • This is my first Pycon
  • This is my first "language" conference

That being said, here are some raw thoughts about what I think it needs/what didn't jive too well.

  • There was a distinct lack of presentations/tutorials oriented around:
    • Advanced language features and usage (e.g. generators, iterations, etc)
    • Implementation of "real world" non UI/Webapp applications and systems (practical systems)
    • Building scalable Applications (back end systems, etc)
    • Standard library modules/usage/special usages (new features)
  • I think we need a page, or centralized place for actual presenters, and recruiters. I know there were a lot of companies hiring, and some companies wanting to shill their wares, but there was no clear place to sit and meet and greet with these people. While I am not looking for a job, I would have liked to have had some time to meet the people and at least talk to them.
  • Lack of social time. Maybe it's just me, but there didn't seem to be enough time to simply sit down and talk to "like minded" people. I mean, if you know each other from the community (or you're a luminary) it seemed easy. I don't know, maybe some more BoF sessions on more general topics.
  • White board space for people to discuss/map out ideas (ties to open social space/time)
  • Extend the 30 minute time slot slightly, or offer clear "break out areas/times" for followup
  • Compelling keynotes. Day 1's wasn't interesting (light on tech), Guido's was awesome, but the interview style with Bram didn't work at all.

More thoughts as they come. I largely enjoyed it, but like all things, I think there is room for improvements across the board. I can't complain about the hotel (except that the laundry service can bite me).