Lost In Space: I'm having a pyKid. (and going to Pycon)

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Well that was easy. I've obviously not posted in a terribly long time by internet standards. Obviously - I have my reasons.

The primary one being: I'm going to be a dad. I found out in November. Since then, I've had to keep my mouth shut until Christmas rolled around (you're not supposed to say anything until you're in the "safe" zone). We're somewhere around 15/16 weeks at this point and everything looks a-ok and I have been cleared for pre-announcing the sometime-in-July GA of Jesse 2.0. I've already been looking up tools and programs to help teach children programming. (Python, of Course)

It's been sort of crazy. Between trying to plan finances, schedules, time off, etc - I've also been heads-down-coding-as-fast-as-I-can for the next big version of the product at work which means I've not had much of a life outside of code/unit tests.

Knowing that in a few months I'm going to have a small version of myself gurgling and generally being a cute-but-pooping-module (my wife might argue the differentiation between myself and said baby in a few regards) has been a bit of a trip. Sometimes I find myself hacking on some low level thing and suddenly staring off into space thinking about what's coming. To say I am apprehensive would be a drastic understatement.

Suffice it to say: It's been crazy.

Luckily I'm taking a breath and shipping myself off to PyCon in Feb. Looking at the schedule of talks, I'm a lot more psyched about the topics than last years - while the over abundance of webby-stuff is there (and hell - I signed up for a part of the Django Tutorial) there seems to be a wider range of "not web" talks going on.

That's a quick update at least - Not really a minor one at that!