Java2Python, Jython and Editors

by jesse in

Troy Melhase released a tool called java2python which looks really interesting to me, given I work in a hybrid java/python/etc shop. We have some APIs I'd love to get access to via Python but re-implementing the wheel is just not an option. Between this, and the new release/life in the Jython project, the java/python love/hate/getters/setters world seems to be picking up.

That's great for me: I've switched over from QA into Dev full-time, and one of my project for this year is sitting down and really grokking Java and advanced Python - so I'll be hopping back and forth a lot. Which brings me to the mighty Editor discussion.

Recently, ActiveState released an updated (and a free) version of Komodo - a really nice Python IDE. Right now, I'm a TextMate junkie, but things like code-intelligence and completion draw me in. Of course, all the Java-People in my place tend to like Intellij - which doesn't play nice-nice with Python (note, I know there is the PythonID plugin, but it seems dead in the water) so I'm torn. Eclipse would be a contender if it didn't run like a pig on my mac (and that's with 3GB of ram and a dual core machine) I'm not going to give up TextMate - it's just too useful. But for longer/more advanced stints of programming, an "more" intelligent editor would be nice.

Anyone know of one that plays nice-nice with Java and Python (and that has code completion)?