On the internet, only RSS feeds care if you think.

by jesse in

It's been little while since I 'logged - after PyCon I've essentially been in a head-down crunch mode at work. That - combined with the fact I moved and I'm expecting a baby (and I've been prepping for that) it's been pure madness. That being said - I ended up deciding that moving off of blogspot and onto my own hosted application would be good. True - I copped out and ended up setting up WordPress - but that's a stop-gap until I can deploy Django and BSB (build something better).

The nice thing about WordPress is the same thing I love about open-source in general. If you have an itch - someone probably have already scratched it. For example, there's a wealth of plugins that allow me to do pretty inline pasting of python code (hoorah!):

import pickle

data1 = {'a': [1, 2.0, 3, 4+6j],
         'b': ('string', u'Unicode string'),
         'c': None}

selfref_list = [1, 2, 3]

output = open('data.pkl', 'wb')

# Pickle dictionary using protocol 0.
pickle.dump(data1, output)

# Pickle the list using the highest protocol available.
pickle.dump(selfref_list, output, -1)


The nice thing is that my host gives me command line access and Python 2.4 - that's all a guy really needs, right? Oh, and I can serve subversion and do all sorts of interesting things.

I've had maybe 15 or so blog posts started in the past few months - I never got to finishing/cleaning them up. That being said - hopefully I'll be a bit better. Wife and baby doing well, job going well, fast and so much going on in the tech community.

For all the faults we see in everything day to day - it still is a good - and interesting (and exciting) time to be alive, don't you think? Maybe having a kid inbound has induced some sort of madness in me.