Bugzilla in Python? Yes, Please.

by jesse in , ,

Via various places, I've noted that there has been discussion about the possibility of implementing Bugzilla in alternative languages (:cough:python:cough:). I doubt that the core bugzilla team would pull up their roots and really switch but a python-version of bugzilla (trac doesn't count) in Django would be really, really hot. I linked to the main wiki page up top - but here's a link to the discussion page.

The primary page lists come common (albeit silly for the most part) "cons" that python is viewed as having. I think the discussion page is more interesting personally, but in either case - who is up for doing an implementation anyway?

I would shave every hair off my body and paint myself blue for a Bugzilla/Testopia implementation in Django it's been on my "list of things to do one day" ever since I started poking at Django a year or so ago.