At home with baby finally.

by jesse in

Well, this should be an interesting ride. Mommy, baby and Daddy along with all three cats are now under one roof. I think all three of us need some sleep. I updated the flickr set with a bunch of pictures. One of my favorite memories so far? The hilarity of right after the birth, I'm madly emailing/calling/texting everyone from my iPhone to spread the good news, then most of the attendants/doctors stop and look at me, and say "is that an iPhone?".

The surreal-ness of that question stems from the fact that my brand spanking new baby is lying there crying and getting washed up and the world just sort of stops for 30 seconds while I'm crying, my wife is crying, the baby is crying, etc.

I'm not entirely sure about how to go about this fathering thing. This should really be interesting.