Shelve, (feed)caching and Shove - oh my.

by jesse in ,

I saw over the weekend (in my limited time in front of my lonely MacBook) that Doug Hellmann had done another Python Module of the week - this time on the shelve module, a pretty cool module (that I didn't know about). To quote:

The shelve module can be used as a simple persistent storage option for Python objects when a relational database is overkill. The shelf is accessed by keys, just as with a dictionary. The values are pickled and written to a database created and managed by anydbm.

Of course, shelve is used in the other project he announced - FeedCache, a cachine mechanism he uses to cache Atom/RSS feeds.And then, a comment on both posts linked to a different cheeseshop module: Shove. Shove is like Shelve/Pickle/Object storage on steroids. It supports 15 storage back ends for object storage, and 9 different backends for caching.I have some need to be using a module like Shove for some data/object caching/sharing, so when I get a chance I'll post a trip report. 
Update: A comment pushed me over to Multishove. Hot.