Are you pyLinkedIn?

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Earlier this week I was having a small discussion with Doug Hellmann - I had read his announcement about the PyMotw being picked up by OnLamp guys, and saw the LinkedIn link in his blog, we connected and started chatting. A few months ago, Grig had made a similiar post to this - talking about Python-People connecting on Linked in, and I've slowly been connecting to people within the community since then.I mentioned to Doug that I think python people connecting is a good move - many of us don't have "python" jobs - instead, we use Python at a decidedly "not python" job, where Python is one skill of many ((Although, I've managed to make python the second-most-used language where I work)).

Networking in this fashion can help other python-community people find contacts and jobs and the like.There is a Python-Wiki LinkedIn page - and there was some discussion around making a Python group, which is a good idea.If you're a Pythonista/Pythoneer and want to connect, see my profile hereI'm also on Facebook thanks to James Tauber - but I'm still trying to figure out how to use that.

Update to add some more: Tennessee Leeuwenburg adds some thoughts: PyLinkedIn - his point has merit, and should be considered when adding connections.