The T in IT: Mr. T endorses Hitachi Gear

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Before I give the links to the videos, I want to give the typical disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, views, discussions, etc. Content published here is not read or approved in advance by HDS, my wife or anyone else for that matter and does not - in any way - reflect the views and opinions, positions/etc of my employer. This is my personal, largely python-related blog. Not my employers.

That being said: A few months ago, I discovered (much by accident) that HDS (Hitachi Data Systems) has started a viral marketing compaign involving Mr. T - yes, the man from the A-Team (whose face graced my lunchbox as a child). Note that massive "lulz" were attained when watching these.

Without passing judgement or in any way stating a direct opinion, here are the videos, in order of creation:

For additional amusement, I will direct you to the Archivas (before we were bought by HDS) viral/spoof/etc video that made it to youtube, here.