Jython 2.2: Released. Jython is dead, Long Live Jython!

by jesse in ,

Per Frank Wierzbicki jython2.2 has been released - this is great news for those of us in hybrid shops (or those who just really like Jython). The new version includes:

  • new-style classes
  • Java List integration
  • PEP 302 implementation
  • iterators
  • generators
  • __future__ division
  • support for running on modern JVMs
  • a new installer
  • ssl and non-blocking support for socket

While you're checking out a Dynamic language running in the JVM - maybe you should also look at the JVM-Languages google group (on which I lurk) - there's some awesome, and crazy stuff going on there between the Jython/JRuby/Groovy/etc folks. Alot of brain juice flows.