Rocketing to the end of another year.

by jesse in

It's that quiet, reflective time in the morning in between the "run around and get ready for the day" and "wake up the baby and prep for daycare". It's a new type of time allotment I'm not quite used to yet - maybe it's reflection time on how crazy things have been this year. New stuff at work, the baby - this year is officially one of the most "interesting" years to date. The company I work for being bought earlier this year - the birth of my little girl, adjusting to being a Dad, taking a step back at work and learning some Java-Fu, then cycling off to "yet another thing" (throw in a product release or two for good measure).

To throw more gas on the fire - my wife and I are in the process of buying our first house. We're on the post-inspection-wtf stage right now. I guess I just thought there wasn't enough going on in my life, so I needed to throw in more costs, lawyers and other stress.

It's been one crazy year. I think next year I'm going to try to calm things down a bit, although I'm already drafting plans to rebuild the existing deck.