Python Magazine for December available for download now! (and I'm in it)

by jesse in ,

IMG_1102.JPGI just saw Dougs blog post about the december issue of PyMag hitting the site (and going to print) on my iPhone, so I quickly put Abby in the loving care of my grandmother to make a christmas-eve post! The issues of PyMag have been great so far, and I'm mainly excited about this months because the article I spent a lot of time on - "Python Threads and the Global Interpreter Lock" is in it! You should buy it!

It the first time anything I've written has shown up in something resembling real print media. Feel free to lambast me, email me comments, etc. I hope I did a decent job of explaining and benchmarking things - and now that it's out, I will be re-pick-up all of the parallel library benchmarking I have been doing.

Hopefully I'll get a chance after xmas to do more writing provided this one doesn't suck that bad.