Baby's First Home.

by jesse in ,

Man. 2008 is already going sideways, in a good way. In this case - I knew it was coming, which is a good thing. Last Friday, I spent a chunk of time signing more paperwork than I've ever had to in my life, but walked away with the keys to my very own home. Other people have goals like "punch a camel" or "jump off a bridge" - one of my longstanding goals has been to "simply" get a house. Something is rather off-putting about paying someone else's salary/mortgage and raising a child whilst renting.

Munchkin will now have her own large yard in which to run, although my idea of putting a running line up and getting her a harness so we could just let her run back and forth were summarily dismissed.

I've already bought paint, been to Lowes a few times, and bought myself actual tools for "working around the house". Once the next month of "omg gogogogo" wears off, all should be happy.

If you really want to see pictures, I put some up.

Now, to juggle the outstanding python stuff, a tight work schedule, a six month old and moving.