Now with Comments (Disqus is made of Django)

by jesse in ,

So, my previous post netted a little under 300 page views - but no comments (up until an hour or so ago). Why? Because I suffered from an epic Fail. I use a system called Disqus for the comments here - I got tired of dealing with the absolutely insane amount of spam comments not being trapped by Akismet. A little while ago, I was tinkering with the options for the blog integration and checked the box "all anonymous comments must be approved/moderated". This is where I failed.

Wordpress, when a comment enters - will send you an email. I've never quite realized how much I rely on that little fact. In reality, I had a bunch of comments spread across a few posts to approve, and didn't know it.

So, a few hundred hits and no comments - I went digging for the unapproved comments (>dashboard->unapproved) and sure enough, there all the posts are.

Rather than focus on my fail - I'd like to point out that using Disqus is a breeze, integration was simple (but may break with some wordpress themes) they have a nice API and the entire thing is built with Django!

For people looking for comment/discussion systems, and looking to dodge the spam problem, I highly recommend them.

Now I just want email notification on all comments. I found the email on all comments setting, in your profile settings.