Welcome to home ownership.

by jesse in ,

I've mentioned this before - on Jan 4th, I ended up closing on my first house. The primary driving force of course being my now nearly seven month old daughter, the secondary driving force is well - owning a house. Both my wife and I were excited, ecstatic even. I mean, it's not a palatial mansion by any stretch - but it was ours.

Then, things went sideways. After closing, after we start painting - we find a problem. A big, glaring problem. That problem happens to be a leaking toilet - that has apparently been leaking for some time (measured in potentially years) into the sub flooring. This means all the wood beneath the tile floor under the toilet it rotten and moldy, and that dampness and mold may have spread to the rest of the flooring and areas.

We found this pulling the toilet to put in a new one - now, instead of a cheap plop-in-a-new-toilet, we're staring down the barrel of a much larger "strip to the walls due to rot and mold" deal. We can't move in, and we didn't even imagine this would happen.

Rotten wood, mold. The works. And no, it's not covered, and it is no ones responsibility (or rather, no one is liable). Nope, we just get left holding the bag. The inspector found a tangental issue: but not the primary issue, so no one was technically the wiser.

Stupid toilets. From now on I'm only buying houses without running water, in non-flood plains in areas with no termites. Also the house will be made of stone.