Python: Screen?

by jesse in ,

Here's a question out of left-field. Anyone know of a Python utility that either uses/abuses the linux "screen" command, or a library which mimics the functionality of screen? The problem I've got is something like: - load a shell - load a bunch of environment stuff (mainly auth info) - execute long running python application which is logging to stdout - detach from long running application, log out - log back in, reattach

Now, yes - I could in theory fork a daemon process to do this - but the application itself is user-interactive, so picking it up/leaving it ala screen works exceedingly well. Not to mention the need to pull in authentication from the shell.

I could simply tell the user "hey, use screen!" but I'd rather not have to deal with explaining to them the nuances of the key sequence: I'd rather automate it all.