Well that was fun.

by jesse in

IMG_1284It's been a nutty last few weeks. The work in the salt mines has been especially busy, and well - overly salty. Some would say it was too salty for consumption. Wife, Baby and I are settled into the new place - yes, the various sundry problems including flooding, flooring, bathrooms and other cruft was resolved post-haste and satisfactorily, albeit expensively.

In other news, things should hopefully start calming down - so I can pick up on the non-salt-mine-or-parenting work (i.e: more delicious Python goodness).

In addition to all the craziness - Abby is crawling, and climbing now. Both of these new developments in addition to the new digs means "lots of stuff to get into" - you know you're going to have a problem when you see her make a beeline for a power cord.

Lots of changes: I'm looking for PyCon as a chance to meet some people I've met before (although briefly) and meet a lot of new people. Hopefully, while I'm there I'll be able to jump start a few "non salt mine" projects that have been sitting in the queue, and get some more article fodder over to Doug and Brian.

Of course, I can't wait for summer. I think there's going to be something inspirational about coding from a hammock.

In other random thoughts - in his note about the Sun+Jython announcement Tim Bray had a choice quote:

Quick Python trivia question: Near as I can tell, Guido works half-time on Python over at Google. Is there anyone in the world, aside from Frank and Ted, getting paid to work full-time on Python?

As a guy who gets obsessed about the hammer he uses to build a house - I wonder what it would be like to design hammers for a living?