Dear Previous House Owner.

by jesse in ,

Dear Previous House Owner, The least you could have done is told me that anytime it rains, the nicely finished tiled basement area, the one holding my computers and livelihood floods. I realize, that had I known that the nicely finished basement with the tiled floor gets flooded every time it rains because of the half-assed code violating installation of the sewage pump in the garage allowing water into the house, I would not have bought the house.

In addition to the hidden plumbing issues, the veneer you added to the area (which floods anytime it rains for more than 10 minutes) to hide the fact there is a flooding issue was a nice touch.

I understand I have only myself to blame - after all, I should have torn up the floor and pulled apart everything to find out the fact it floods (every time it rains) and that the upstairs bathroom has a rotted floor, a bum toilet and issues with the sheet rock (rotted).

I have no recourse against you, the inspector, or anyone. Instead, you, a couple with a small child saddled another couple (with a small infant child like yours) with this house.

When I started the purchasing process, I began it with excitement. Now I sit in a house I have lived in for less than a month, but spent most of my money on, with my feet in a standing pool of water as I type this - the gently splish splish of my feet in the ice cold water reminding me of how much I wish you were here so you could help me mop, for the fourth fifth sixth time.

Oh, but mopping doesn't help - but you knew that. You knew that the reason there were tiled floors in this part of the house is so that there was "no long term damage" to the area (which floods every time it rains).

So thank you for not telling us the house floods every time it rains. You've helped us build up so much character knowing never to trust anyone, even if they are another young couple with a small child - just like us.

Unlike you, I'm honest and responsible, and I'm going to fix this mess you've left me with, so my wife, daughter and I can live happily here in our first house which floods every time it rains.

I'm quite cross with you right now.