Pycon Attendees: Anyone up for some Whirlyball?

by jesse in

Anyone up for some whirlyball thursday evening? Since my cohort and I skipped the tutorials, we're suffering from acute boredom onset. Dave and busters is a possibility too. If you're wondering what whirlyball is to quote:

Agility. Speed. Strength. None of these qualities will be of any use in the highly-competitive world of WhirlyBall. Although it combines lacrosse, hockey and basketball with bumper cars, WhirlyBall has caused great athletes of every stripe to laugh and holler their way to a crushing defeat

Sounds fun. Sounds exciting! Post a comment here, or send me an email j(nospam)noller at gmail (nospam).com.

We may head out around 5 or 6, depending on if other people want to go.

edit: this may also turn into a Dave and Buster's run, depending.