Lazyweb question: Python video manipulation libraries?

by jesse in ,

So here's a question for the lazyweb - I'm looking into doing some command-line/scripted video manipulation and I am looking for pointers to current/well-documented modules/libraries to use. Specifically - I am looking to be able to stream-edit movies programmatically for a variety of formats (one of which is quicktime for a personal project) - ideally I would be able to load the video file and edit the stream (insert bit from other videos, append videos, etc) inside of Python.

The simplest use-case I can think of is building a montage of various videos, for example - say I downloaded non-flv (or flv formatted) videos of funny-baby scenes from youtube and wanted to chain them together into one big funny-baby montage.

Anyone have any links/pointers - the ones I have glanced at are:

  • VideoParser: Mainly just for header information/parsing
  • Flashticle: For flash video manipulation - no documentation
  • PyMedia: Dated, the last update is from 2006. Does not compile on OS/X

Ideally, the library would allow stream editing/manipulation and be cross-platform. I'm willing to sack the xplatform requirement if the library is really good.