The Abstract Cheetos Attack.

by jesse in ,

I need to write a CERT paper for this -

  • Name of Attack:The Abstract Cheetos Attack
  • Type of Attack: Password Vulnerability / Local Exploit / Brute Force
  • Known fix: Lack of Cheetos
  • Attack Vector: Food[1]/Social Engineering
  • Exploit Details: It is possible to determine the most-frequently used letters on a given keyboard on the target's computer by providing the target with a "friendly" package of Cheetos at some regular interval, and then examining, over time, the build up of dangerously cheesey residue on the target's keyboard. Armed with the most frequent keystrokes, it is possible to perform a reduced brute-force attack on the target's account password. Due to the reduction in keys, it is possible to grossly reduce the time and resources required to identify the target's password. This attack also enables the attacker to determine other personal information including frequency of hand-washing, like/dislike of said "Food" and frequency at which the target cleans their clothes.

[1] Note that Cheetos may not be classified as "Food"