Minor problem with 'make install/altinstall' and multiprocessing.

by jesse in ,

Looks like I missed a spot when adding in the package, and if you do a 'make install' or make altinstall (which I never do - sorry about that) the package is missing. See the bug report for more information and a small patch. Makefiles for the win.

As a side note - I do not recommend people do a make install into the the system path on their machines. It's generally poor form to do that with alphas/betas/trunks. If anything, just do a make, and the add a symbolic link in /usr/bin or wherever pointing to the python binary in the source directory.

Of course, I'm so anal about system paths I use virtualenv.py a *lot*. Of course, if I was 'make installing' a lot I would have found this. /grumble