Welcome to TestButler, a rudimentary test case management app.

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... Or, learn to laugh at my total inability to do web design, and lack of django-fu So, following up (albeit slowly) on my "Decent test case tracking/registration" post, I've actually managed to cobble together a google code project, and a rudimentary django application.

Right now, it's in sub-prototype stages. I've done a semi-production deployment internally to get feedback/usage information and suggestions. All the code is checked in and now I need to begin cleaning things up from my rather random "pooping of code".

Not only am I learning Django while I am doing this - I'm catching up on 6+ years of changes in the web development community. The last time I was involved in any sort of web-work was when I worked for Allaire/Macromedia - and even then that was primarily on the back end to ColdFusion, not end-user interfaces.

Writing user-interfaces above a command-line utility is not exactly my strong suit. But hell, Django made it wicked easy to start hacking things together. I had the rough-backend done in less than 2 hours, which let me spend the next few days pondering schemas, mucking with many-to-many fields and other django plugins.

If you go an look at the the google code site, you'll see I've started fleshing out the bits needed to outline the path of the project, and the general reasoning behind it.

Not only do I want feedback - I want to let anyone who wants to join, to join. Contribute ideas, tell me I'm doing it wrong. I already know my django code is messy (I'm working on it) - but most of all I want to help build something useful for the testing community, so if something doesn't mesh, I want to know.

Now, I just need to read my copy of James Bennetts "Practical Django Projects" book. And make a vector-image of a cartoony roomba, or find a better image of a robot butler.