TestButler update (updated)

by jesse in , ,

With the much-appreciated help of Brandon Barry (with whom I just happen to work) - there's been a needed update to the testbutler code base I couldn't get to - some highlights:

  • Cleaned up the CSS, moved to blueprint for the larger portion of the CSS and the start of jQuery usage for the javascript portions
  • Templates have been cleaned up/gotten a major facelift
  • site-media has been cleaned up
  • Deleted unused code I had in the prototype
  • Models cleaned up

Overall, it's looking much better. Yes, it's in a production-use now, and I love markdown syntax. You can see some screen shots here.

We ditched the roomba-picture, I need to find someone handy with artwork to maybe make some custom icons/pics for us (I really want a cartoony-robot-butler)

There's a lot I'd like to do, obviously - but first I have to get started on the results trackers and the corresponding nose plugin to feed the results to the system. I figure I am going to use the nose-xunit plugin and some custom XSLT for now.

One thing I need to figure out is if the django-markdown plugin allows for relative %url% links within a block of text so we can cross-link testcases, I may write a custom template tag.

Edit: Additionally, I just committed a change to remove all notion of "component" from the system. We decided that a test case could have any number of components, or none at all, and that it was more logically consistent to track those as tags-in-the-cloud. For example, a given test case might be tagged "gui, regression, smoketest, performance" or "smoke, storage, gui" etc. Being more flexible with sorting and organization was our goal.