October Issue of Python Magazine is live.

by jesse in ,

83.jpgAnother information rich issue of Python Magazine is live! This time, it's the October (stunning, I know) issue. The cover story is on "Versioning your database with sqlalchemy-migrate" - and of course, there's a short article from me on "SSH Programming with Paramiko". You can see the run down for the article here. A lot of good people put a lot of work into the magazine - Doug Hellmann doesn't let any of us slack off, and keeps us on target. If you don't already have a subscription - you should get one.

Additionally, if you like writing - or even if you're new to writing, if you have and idea for an article please submit it!

Also remember, the people behind Python Magazine are having a conference in november - PyWorks is happening in Atlanta, GA on November 12-14th. I'll be doing a talk there on threading/multiprocessing.