PyCon 2009 Talks accepted.

by jesse in ,

Well then! Last night I got two emails - both of my talks I proposed for PyCon 2009 were accepted, here's the title and abstract from both:

  • Introduction to Multiprocessing in Python
    • This talk will cover the new multiprocessing package included with Python 2.6 (and 3.0) focusing on design, benefits, practical usage, application construction, gotchas and how to use it to build multi-core and distributed applications.
  • Concurrency and Distributed Computing with Python Today
    • This talk will cover the recent changes to Python 2.6, including a brief introduction to the threading module and multiprocessing inclusion and changes but will primarily focus on the concurrent and distributed ecosystem for Python today.

The first talk is relatively straightforward - I am going to do an introduction to the mp package and all it's bells and whistles. The second one is more of a "where are we today" with concurrency/distributed systems. I am going to probably have to trim down from my initial outline for time constraints, but my hope is to be able to cover things like Kamaelia, Dramatis, and others as well.

I've got most of the first talk done - and I may end up asking the local python users group in Boston if they're interested in me doing dry runs for both prior to PyCon. Here's to hoping I don't let anyone down.