PyCon 2009: In ur brain, giving you the pythons

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PyCon 2009: Chicago I, along with a whole heck of a lot of other people will be attending PyCon in march. You should know about this by now, unless you're living under a rock, or in a shoebox (I like shoeboxes). PyCon 09 is turning out to be one of the ones I am most excited about in some time - barring the fact they let me actually stand up and speak about something, there's a ton of other excellent and exciting things going on.

I will be doing two talks - "Introduction to Multiprocessing in Python" on Friday, at 3:20 PM, and "Concurrency and Distributed Computing with Python Today" at 3:20 PM Saturday.

The former talk is easy, given it will be focused on introducing the multiprocessing module to the masses, and taking questions about it (be gentle, I just work here). The latter is a much bigger beast. I've been blogging about my research in my pycon 2009 category, and I still have a pile of things to keep adding to that. The talk will attempt to differentiate concurrency from distributed systems, and show the various toolkits/frameworks/etc in the ecosystem today, to help you build both types of systems.

Given both talks are 45 minutes in length, I will be publishing my talk notes (my slides are not going to be heavy weight) and other information here.

In addition to me speaking, which may or may not be exciting, there's one helluva ton of other talks which simply look awesome.

My schedule looks like this:

  • Thursday: Python Language Summit, where I will endeavor to be smart.
  • Friday: How to give a python talk
  • Friday: Using Windmill
  • Friday: Introduction to Python Profiling or How Python is Developed, to harass Brett.
  • Friday: Panel - Python VMs
  • Friday: Building an Automated QA infrastructure using Open Source Tools
  • Friday: Twisted, AMQP and Thrift: Bridging messaging and RPC for building scalable distributed applications
  • Friday: My Talk (I figure I should go to it)
  • Friday: A Whirlwind Excursion through Writing a C Extension or Challenges and Opportunities for Python
  • Thursday: Plugins and monkeypatching: increasing flexibility, dealing with inflexibility
  • Saturday: The (lack of) design patterns in Python or the Pinax talk
  • Saturday: Class Decorators: Radically Simple
  • Saturday: Panel: Object Relational Mappers: Philosophies and Design Decisions.
  • Saturday: Drop ACID and think about data (I wonder if we can take this literally, if he has scary slides though, we all might trip balls)
  • Saturday: My Talk, which is up against Bruce Eckel and Raymond H - I expect no one to show up.
  • Sunday: Panel: Functional Testing Tools in Python
  • Sunday: Designing a web framework: Django's design decisions

This doesn't even cover the open space discussions which I might attend - including the "Writing About Python" one Doug Hellmann is putting together as well as the "Teach Me Web Testing" one by Steve Holden.

After the main conference, I'll be sticking around until Thursday morning for the sprints, at which point I should be sufficiently burned out on python stuff, I will fully convert over to being a full time burger flipper.

Right now there are 620 registered people who made their attendance public I don't know how many there are in total.

Hope to see you there!