Python 3to2: Go check it out.

by jesse in ,

awesome.jpg Earlier this week - Joe Amenta shot an email to the Python-Dev mailing list announcing the completion of the Google Summer of Code project he had be working on - a Python 3 to Python 2 translation tool. This is something which, when discussed at the Python Language Summit at PyCon 2009 was met with much "yes please make this" - but not a lot of people could allocate the time. In fact, when asked who could at least help drive it forward, I was lame^H^H^H awesome enough to raise my hand.

In true upper management style, I discussed it, and promptly delegated it to Benjamin Peterson, our release manager to later delegate to a google summer of code project.

Some work was done during the sprints - I don't know if that work ended up being part of this, but thanks to Joe, we now have the first alpha of a Python 3 to Python 2 conversion tool.

Here's Joe's announcement:

Hello all,

I have released the first alpha version of 3to2 after finishing it for my Google Summer of Code 2009(tm) project. You can get the tarball for this release at This requires python 2.7, because it requires a newer version of 2to3 than what comes with 2.6.

Release notes are in the RELEASE file. Development happens at, and the source code for this release lives at Report bugs at, please.

Additional notes and comments can (for now) be found at


This is awesome - again, major props to Joe (and Benjamin!) and GSoC for making this happen. Please, please, please - if you have free time, go give it a shot. Especially if you have real, honest-to-goodness Python 3 code you're working with.

Right now, it's probably too early to get near python-core - there's some discussion of that going on in the thread on Python-dev, but I personally feel if we can bang the hell out of this and get a lot of eyes looking at it, it would go a long way towards helping Python 3 adoption along.

Go check it out - again, the project page is here, and Joe's notes on things 3to2 does not accept is here.

p.s. The first person to write an online 2to3 -> 3to2 app ala translation party gets mad props, and a bottle of something alcoholic at Pycon.