PEP 3003: "Python Language Moratorium" - Accepted

by jesse in ,

PEP 3003: "Python Language Moratorium" has been accepted. After several weeks of discussion, Guido switched the bit this morning. This PEP effectively freezes the syntax and following items:

  • New built-ins
  • General language semantics
  • New __future__ imports

This does not apply to the standard library; adding methods to builtins, or bug fixes to existing things.

I know there's opinions on both sides, but I see this as a Good Thing(tm) - this hopefully frees up core-dev to work on the standard library, tests, the interpreter, docs, etc - basically everything "else" that makes Python, well - Python.

This quiescence will also allow other implmentations to catch up to the current syntax, builtins, etc. This is a good thing for everyone as Python the language is no longer "Python the C interpreter" - it's Python the Language as interpreted by unladen-swallow|jython|pypy|ironpython.

There's also the point that in the last 5 or 6 years, Python as a language has added a pile of new syntax and features that still haven't seen wide spread use. For example, context managers. Operating System vendors lag behind us in terms of releases. We need to see these things used in the wild to see if the various experiments work.

Yes; this slows the development of the language down, but given most of the known world is still on 2.4/2.5 - does it really fundamentally effect anyone other than outliers (early adopters) and core-developers?

We'll see how the experiment goes.