Say Hello - Nasuni Launches Today!

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nasuni_final.png The company I've worked for since July of last year - Nasuni Corporation (a startup in Massachusetts) has gone live! This is the culmination of a lot of hard, but exceedingly fun and exciting work over the past months. The Nasuni team is an excellent one - and one I am very, very proud to be a part of. Our product is called the Nasuni Filer - a simple-to-use, versioned, encrypted and cloud-storage backed virtual NAS (network attached storage) server (click here for more information).

Without going into all of the features, our goal in making this was to make cloud storage simple, accessible and secure - and I know we've accomplished all three. All you do is download it, boot it and start using it - once you do so you have access to truly unlimited storage. It's an unlimited filesystem for the cloud. Here's the elevator pitch:

Nasuni has developed a virtual file server, called the Nasuni Filer, that delivers unlimited file storage and complete file protection for businesses. Working in partnership with leading cloud storage vendors, the Nasuni Filer leverages the vast capacity of the cloud to store and protect company files offsite, while retaining the local functionality and performance of a traditional NAS.

This technology allows businesses to use the cloud provider of their choice as a replacement for traditional primary storage. Snapshots, file versioning, and offsite storage are integrated into the file server itself - ensuring business file are safe and secure at all times. No need to manage complex backup and DR schemes - if the file server is running, files are protected.

We've launched the Beta of the product today - anyone can sign up, download and use it. Anyone can give us feedback and suggestions - I encourage all of you who might need something like this to download and give it a try. If you want - go check out the videos we've put together showcasing the Filer (and better yet - check out the awesome animated cartoon we have on the front page).

Most of you know that my blog is mainly Python oriented. Suffice it to say, Nasuni - and the Nasuni Filer make use of Python for a wide range of tasks. We use Python, Django and as much of the Python ecosystem as we can to drive everything from the website, to the GUI on the appliance itself - Python is part of the DNA of the company, and it has served us well. Without Open Source and Python - I don't think it would have been possible to build what we have built in as little time as we have.

We have a strong dedication to not just Python, but open source in general (and a fair number of us will be at PyCon this month). As time progresses, now that we're exiting stealth mode we plan on possibly open sourcing stuff we feel would benefit the community. Some of us already push patches back where and when we can, but as I said - as time progresses this involvement will only increase.

So not only am I proud to announce the product, be part of this team and to see what we've made, I'm also happy to thank so many people in the Python and OSS community which have helped us reach this point.

So go - check it out, let us know what you think.