Miscellanea - Python Sprints, Nasuni, etc.

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I've obviously been quiet here on my personal blog - as everyone who reads regularly knows I'm neck-deep in a pretty exciting startup call Nasuni as well as doing other projects, like the PSF Sponsored sprints thing. That combined with twitter means my time for other additional long-form content is minimal. So here's a small roundup of interesting things:


Yup, still running Python and Django! We're actually pretty proud to be a sponsor for DjangoCon 2010 coming up in September - I'll be attending, so I hope to see all the familiar Django faces I know, and meet some new ones.

I've been blogging semi-regularly for the Nasuni blog itself - my posts are focused on product-things more than anything else. Here's a small list of posts which I've done:

  • The Road to Release - Feature Previews - this is actually my latest one, and the first in a series where I'll be showing off some of the new features we're adding in the latest release.
  • Looking at OpenStack, a Rackspace and NASA initiative - For those of you who don't know, Rackspace and NASA announced OpenStack - the awesome part? It's all python - I had the swift component (which powers Rackspace's cloudfiles system) of OpenStack running pretty quickly. I'd recommend snagging the code from launchpad and taking a look. Swift (the storage component) uses eventlet - and Nova (the compute part) uses Tornado and Twisted.
  • Storage Switzerland Test Drives the Filer - This is a response to an article written about the product - I actually used it to preview some of the work going into the next release of the Filer.
  • Thanks to Django - This piece goes into some detail about our use of Django, it's one of our ways of saying thanks. I still need to rework it so we can send it over for the Django Success Stories page.
  • Thanks to the Supporting Cast - This is an earlier thank you post - but to the other people who have helped out a ton, including Greg Newman, Lincoln Loop, and Revsys.
  • The Donut Solution - This was a fun one, mainly to show that yes - we're listening hard to customer feedback, and we're improving/iterating quickly. Also, I get to show off UI improvements.
  • Finally - The Nasuni Blog team - this is the rosetta stone for the authors of the blog, describing who we are. I didn't write this piece, but it's good reading to figure out who is who.

If you're interested in Nasuni - or cloud storage in general - I'd encourage you to sign up for the RSS feed. We're trying to keep the information useful outside of "just us" (despite my urge and predilection to churning out completely product-related posts) - and if you ever have feedback, drop us a line.

PSF Sponsored Sprints

The project continues on - we've funded two sprints so far, and have several more coming down the pike. We're always in need of volunteers to help us do things like the manuals and site maintenance/content authoring. Here's some highlights:

  • The call for applications is open - The call for applications is open - and now I suspect we won't be closing it. Originally, I thought we'd have to do things in waves of apply-approve. As time has progressed, I no longer think this is the case.
  • Montreal Python Packaging sprint wrap up - the wrap up report for our first sprint!
  • Europython core sprint report - another wrap up report for the core sprint we provided funds to.
  • Just added the locations page - we now have people/companies offering up space for sprinters! Check it out!
  • Finally - Sprints at PyOhio - PyOhio is going on this weekend, if you're in the area you should really go check it out! Catherine has gone above and beyond with the entire "become a contributor" effort going on.

Please! If you're thinking about holding a sprint - send us an application! Heck, even if we're not sponsoring it, we'll help promote you via the blog, and the sprint calendar we have up. A little fact? The sprints we've funded so far, and that are on deck for funding are all outside of the US, which is both awesome, and surprising!

PSF Board

Some of you probably know that I'm currently on the board of directors for the PSF - things progress well here, but I mainly wanted to call out the excellent blog Doug Hellmann has been authoring for PSF news. You should really be watching that because yes - we do do things, and hopefully over the next year, we'll be doing more awesome things.

I've actually got a bigger post in the works for what I think the ultimate mission of the PSF is/should be as well as "how do you get money from us" as well. Must find the time!