Current Goings on - PyCon, Sprints, Other

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Why is it, that whenever I think things will calm down, they do the exact opposite?

Well - you should know by now that the PyCon 2011 Call for Proposals is up - we're accepting main conference talks, poster sessions and tutorials, all at once. The main conference proposals are due by November 1st - so I'd recommend getting those talks in! Also, you should know that we've announced our first keynote speaker - Hilary Mason! Really, really looking forward to that.

Over on the sprints side - Brian Curtin has done several blog posts - the first details the "getting started with Python-Dev" guide he's been shepherding for the project. I'd recommend taking a look - you can send feedback to The second is a note on the fact we have our first company donating actual funds to the project (via the PSF) - Trading Technologies. This is awesome news.

If you want to do a sprint - and you want some money to help out, please, please, please send an application to - we currently do not have any sprints lined up in the near future (We are sponsoring the ? sprint occurring tonight - they're porting Mutegen to python 3). If you need help, or want help sending out a call for a sprint, contact us too. Our goal is to help everyone get sprints up and off the ground.

Also, if you want to help out with the sprints project - please let me know. We need bloggers, writers and other people to help further "the cause".

Finally, I've been spending the majority of my time once again blogging for my employer (Nasuni) - if you're interested, I recently did a series on "The Cloud" (focusing on Private vs. Public clouds), while Rob (my boss) did a fantastic post on the real cost of a gigabyte in the cloud: