PyCon 2011: Talks, Tutorials, Keynotes and you!

by jesse in ,

Whew. Where did the time go. I swear, it was only a few weeks ago when we were standing in Atlanta together at PyCon 2010 laughing it up and having a blast (albeit me with a busted ankle). Time flies. It really, really flies.

That said - as I stated on the PyCon 2011 blog, we've officially announced all the talks and tutorials for the conference this year:

This year was particularly difficult for the program committee (the group in "charge" of selecting talks) - some of which I go into in the announcement. We had so many awesome talks, and an abbreviated timeline, a new site, the holidays and a lot more to contend with. Looking at the program though, things look amazing. Additionally, we've already lined up one amazing keynote speaker, and are working on at least one other.

Not to mention - we're lining up an impressive array of sponsors (yes, Nasuni is one as well) - if you know of a company using python who might be interested in being a PyCon sponsor (yes, it's totally worth it) - send them our way. If you have questions - please reach out to us at - sponsors get a lot of benefits, and they help out the conference and community immensely. Remember, any funds which count as "profit" for the conference go straight to the Python Software Foundation.

PyCon 2011 looks like it's shaping up incredibly well - but it's not going to be much of anything without you. Yes, you. PyCon isn't PyCon without all of you in the community showing up and making it simply the best programming conference out there in terms of welcomeness, intelligence and fun. But not only have we had to cap total registration to 1500 people - the early bird deadline for registration is approaching a lot more quickly then you'd think! (January 17th) - so you've got to get registered!

Finally - get the word out, and volunteer! We always need help spreading word about PyCon, and this year is no different. We are also always looking for on-the ground staff and other volunteers to help us when the conference rolls around! Check out:

PyCon 2011, Atlanta, March 9-17