Welcome to Addison Joy

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Addison Joy Noller;  Born 11:50pm June 2nd - 19 3/4 inches, 7.8lbs

Yup, as I mentioned in On Family, Cranking and Changing - we've been in the home stretch of completing forking our second child process - Addison Joy Noller. Everyone who is crazy enough to be following me on twitter saw me "live tweeting" the events on the second. Interestingly, sharing it with all my friends and acquaintances made the difficulty and frustration and other crud that much more bearable for me, so another huge thank you to all of you who reached out to me there, and in private to give my wife Dusty and I well wishes. It meant/means a lot to our entire family.

Despite all of the problems, complications, hospital stays pain and risk, my wife and Addison are doing amazingly well, and we're already at home. There was a lot of very trying things leading up to this, and up until the moment when Addison finally joined us, there was a lot of fear and anxiety surrounding this. Birth can not just be risky for the infant, but also for the mother, and we has risk out the wazzoo. I think all of my Java programming knowledge was replaced with intricate knowledge of various pregnancy related complications and methods of managing a strong-willed child.

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Big Sister giving the thumbs up of approval.

That's all behind us; new challenges await - figuring out feeding/sleeping schedules, teaching our beautiful four year old who is incredibly excited to be a big sister how to be a big sister, figuring out the little 7lbs enigma sitting next me in the crib. Hopefully she'll like me reading K&R out loud to her as much as her big sister did. The entire process of birth, despite thousands of years of human evolution still remains a mixture of science, the unknown and a lot of guesswork. I know the term "it's a miracle" is beaten like my four year old's drum, but it really is a miracle - the amount we don't know and the amount of guessing that goes into the "process" is astounding and humbling.

Time to break out the Boppys, sanitize the bottles and explain to my pug what the heck this beautiful little creature is here in the bassinet. Maybe later she'll let me finish my blog post on vim and mow the lawn. Or we might just sit here on the couch and chill out. It's amazing how far we've all come since this post for my first daughter in 2007.

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