It doesn't matter who he is, only that he needs help.

by jesse in

It doesn't matter what "community" he is part of, nor who he is. He's a hacker, a father of two beautiful girls and a husband. He's being robbed of his life, and his daughters robbed of their father.

What matters is we can help. All of us - some of us (me) have been lucky enough to get help and support when we needed it most from people we didn't expect it from. To this day, I can't think about that without tears coming to my eyes. I can not imagine his pain - and I can not put myself in his shoes - it is place I dare not go.

We can help him; we can help his family. Even if only a little, and even though we know what the future will hold.

Read what he has written; help him if you can and are able.

Even if you can not help him financially; help him with words: Sometimes words are all we can pass on, but they're powerful and they mean more than you could possibly imagine. When you're in a dark and hopeless place, kind words and wishes of hope can mean the difference between retaining hope and sanity and giving up.