Stompy: The Giant, Rideable Walking Robot

by jesse in

Meet Stompy - an open-source 18ft wide, 4000 pound 6 legged robot...

You can ride.

This is pretty cool - the team - Project Hexapod - is located in Somerville MA, just up the road from me. Now, you're like "oh that's cool, but what the heck does it have to do with me - or Python? Quoting James Whong, one of the project leads:

We use python extensively - almost exclusively - on this project.  We decided to put as much of the codebase as we could get away with in Python to lower the barriers to contribution among our students, many of whom are not programmers professionally.  We see Python as one of the big enablers of our aggressive timeline and collaborative development process.

I've said it before - and I'll say it again - Python can scale down to the lowest level - kids, students, people just learning to program and up to large scale distributed systems, websites, etc. Projects like Stompy - and the Raspberry Pi project bring together the world of software and hardware in ways that can inspire and invigorate.

Python really is everywhere - it can lower barriers for people to enter into the world of programming (and robotics) in ways that are becoming more and more apparent. 

If I had the cash I'd feed that kickstarter like a boss and get the lovely Python logo on a leg that gets imprinted on the ground at every step. 

Heck yeah. Robots!