Followups: Code of Conduct, PyCon, Speakup...

by Jesse Noller

Just a few random bits from the newsphere:

The Code of Conduct

First up, the Python Software Foundation Code of Conduct announcement generated a fair amount of feedback, triggering my own essay on the matter, since I'm the one who sorta pushed it through and argued it. You can see some feedback on HN here and here, but for the greater part, the emails/tweets and feedback from outreach groups and people has been overwhelmingly supportive, and makes me once again proud to serve. Fundamentally, the PyCon US one may not be perfect, but in conjunction with the diversity statement and response guide; it's a good start. 

There are concerns I've heard through the back channels that this is the start of NoFunPyCon, some of which are aired quite... Acerbically, some rationally. It is my fundamental belief that these don't hold a lot of water, but perhaps there's some word smithing for the PyCon one that could be done to assuage those concerns. This is also why the PSF board resolution specifically cites the Ada Initiative template, and not PyCon US'.

PyCon 2013

PyCon 2013 is already turning out to be amazing - in the past few weeks we've announced the list of accepted talks (including a 6th talk track) and tutorials, PyPgDay, PyData SV, even more partnerships with outreach groups, a survey about childcare, Start up Row - this adds to the Let's Learn Python tutorial for kids, the PyCon 5k, an amazing line up of Keynote speakers and a lot more.

We're not done yet. Proposal submissions for Poster session presentations is still open, financial aid applications are due by December 31st, and registration is limited to 2500 attendees: if you're thinking about delaying registering: I don't recommend it, fwiw. Register now - we've already sold out of early bird tickets!

Oh, and on the fence about sponsoring? Read what Walt Disney Animation Studios, via the always amazing Paul Hildenbrandt had to say about that! We have a stunning array of sponsors almost all of them hiring Python hackers - and we've got room for more!

New Project:

I've spun up a new project to help with speaker mentorship, diversity and generally helping people who might not feel strong enough to present get help, track call for papers, collect ideas, practice their talks and much more. The goal of the Speak Up! project is to really guide anyone who wants or needs help speaking or "getting in the door". We've got an impressive list of mentors already, and some great discussions happening on the mailing list. I should do a proper announcement soon. The code is on github too.

New Project: From Python Import Conference

This is another one of those "finally getting to it" projects. It's been on my (and many other people's) to do list to start distilling the collective knowledge of various conference organizing teams (across programming languages, conference sizes, etc) into a helpful guide. Everyone is welcome to contribute (source is on github)! More to come. Redesign

The redesign is proceeding: oh yes, yes it is. Project Evolution's Jason Hogue posted a status update the other day you should take a look at. If you have feedback you want to shoot to us, drop us a line at

I think that's about it. I admit to a certain amount of mental discombobulation with everything going on. Maybe I'll add a to do item to fix that. Until then: